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550Shema and Batamuriza consult the authorities about their situation with Josiane’s Baby. Batamuriza argues that Shema is part of the problem, but he claims he is innocent. It’s the day before Shantali and Gasore’s wedding and they continue with the preparations.
549The unity between Muhumuro and Bumanzi continues to benefit both of the villages. Due to their newfound prosperity, the two villages decide to pay for the school fees for the children from poor families. Batamuriza is confused again over whether or not Shema has had an affair with Josiane; she talks to her colleague about it. Meanwhile, Karimanzira plots to prevent Gasore and Shantali’s wedding.
548Josiane’s colleagues tell her to stop causing trouble with Shema’s family and Gasore and Shantali continue to prepare for their wedding.
547Josiane finds out that her child is in hospital and accuses Shema and Batamuriza of trying to kill her. Gasore and Shantali plan their wedding.
546Josiane’s child swallows a coin and is admitted to hospital and Shema and Batamuriza disagree about whether or not to tell Josiane. Meanwhile, Fidusiya finds out that Donati was hit by Mudaraza’s car and contemplates whether or not to tell anyone.

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