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520The citizens of the two villages are impressed by the achievements of Mugereko; they see many similarities between their past and the events in Mugereko. Shema is furious with Josiane for spreading false rumours about him. Josiane goes into labour at the hospital.
519The citizens of the two villages continue to enjoy the benefits of working together in harmony. Batamuriza confronts Shema about Josiane's pregnancy but Shema denies it. The peacemakers in Mugereko celebrate the success of the work they are doing.
518Josiane continues to spread the lie all around Bumanzi that Shema made her pregnant. Batamuriza hears of it and is devastated. Mudaraza and Fabiane are arrested for kidnapping Batamuriza, but they protest and blame Mugenga and Kanunga for it.
517Gasore's innocence finally comes to light; he is released immediately and welcomed back into the community with open arms. Josiane spreads the lie that she is pregnant with Shema's child. Mudaraza and Fabiane are worried they are going to be accused of kidnapping Batamuriza.
516Bahizi is beginning to think that Zaninka's beliefs about the citizens of Bumanzi are flawed; he starts to see them as people, just as he is. The peacemakers continue their talks and campaigns in Mugereko.

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