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510Gasore makes an appeal about his unfair imprisonment; Shantali is concerned about the result. Batamuriza is concerned about a message that Josiane wrote to Shema, but she doesn’t know what it is about. The peace-building group are proud of the work they have done in Mugereko.
509Shema visits Bumanzi to tell them that Mugereko has a new leader who intends to clean up the area and tackle the injustice. He then visits his father in prison and forgives him for trying sabotage his wedding.
508Kibanga returns home, but his problems with Manyobwa still haven't been resolved. Rutaganira apologizes to Shema and Batamuriza for trying to sabotage their wedding. Diregiteri vows to be a good leader of Mugereko and fight against injustice.
507Batamuriza's colleagues all offer her advice on the troubles she is having with Shema, but he still doesn't want her to lead the talks as he is worried she may be kidnapped again.
506The conflict between Manyobwa and Kibanga continues; they blame each other for the starting the arguments. Rutaganira offers Shema and Batamuriza some advice for their marriage. Meanwhile in Mugereko, Diregiteri wins the election.

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