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535Shema and Batamuriza talk about their separation; they both promise to learn from their mistakes. Rutaganira tells Zaninka about their invitation to Gasore's wedding; she continues to condemn their marriage.
534The peacemakers from the two villages start making their way home after the peace building session in Mugereko. Shema and Batamuriza reunite after a temporary separation, and vow to stay together. Meanwhile, Manyobwa is at the hospital waiting for her fertility results.
533Rutaganira and Mukandutiye reassure Bahizi that both villages living harmoniously together is the right way to be. Shema and Batamuriza return to Mugereko and are warmly welcomed home. Gasore asks Shantali to move in with her without getting married, but she is not convinced.
532Bahizi joins the other citizens from the two villages to begin working together with them. He then goes to visit Zaninka in prison, but she is not pleased with his new found friendship with the people of Bumanzi.
531After his time in prison Bahizi is reformed and no longer feels any hatred towards the people of Bumanzi. Batamuriza and Shema are happy again after their arguments. The peacemakers are making progress with the two opposing sides of Mugereko.

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