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515Shema visits Zaninka in prison, but she isn't happy to see him. Batamuriza and Muhorakeye have a meeting with their boss and tell him they are not happy with his behaviour towards them. The peacemakers in Mugereko continue to help people with their trauma.
514The citizens of the two villages are proud they have achieved reconciliation; former criminals and vandals have turned their lives around and are living amongst victims in harmony. Batamuriza goes to the meetings held by the people in Mugereko to advise them on how to heal trauma.
513Kananga and Mugenga try to escape from prison, but fail. Instead, they talk about incriminating Mudaraza and Gafarasi. Citizens in Mugereko talk about how to treat people who are traumatized by the conflict.
512Karemanzira is arrested for falsely accusing Gasore, and framing him of crimes he committed. Diregiteri calls his first meeting in Mugereko; he takes an oath that criminals will never corrupt him and that he will always uphold the law.
511Shema congratulates the people of Muhumuro and Bumanzi for their peace building work and cooperation. Batamuriza continues in her job as head of peace building; she helps two conflicting groups to reconcile and stop the hostility between them. Friends and relatives visit Gasore to reassure him, and tell him they will get him out.

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