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540Batamuriza is not convinced by Shema's explanation for Josiane's message and is still suspicious about their relationship. Meanwhile, Donati is admitted to hospital.
539When Zaninka finds out about Gasore's illness, she immediately fabricates a story about the Bumanzi people casting a spell over him. Shema and Batamuriza eventually have a conversation about the text message Josiane sent.
538Whilst in jail, Mugenga and Kananga contemplate their actions; they regret taking part in the violence. Shema and Batamuriza are fighting again. She is still suspicious of the message Josiane sent him, and Shema is reconsidering their past arguments. Mudaraza and Fabiyani are pleased when they find out that the leader of Mugereko had an accident.
537The workers in the two villages are pleased to see there is a queue of customers at the factory, all waiting to buy their crops. Just as things settle down between Shema and Batamuriza, she sees a suspicious text from Josiane on Shema's phone.
536Bahizi is released from prison, but when he returns home he is reluctant to join the work between the two villages. He still holds a grudge against the people he used to fight against. Whilst Gasore and Shantali are discussing their wedding, Gasore suddenly feels dizzy and collapses.

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