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525Josiane continues to spread the lie that her child is Shema's. Shema calls Batamuriza to tell her not to listen to Josiane and try to convince her again that the child is not his. Gafarasi is still worried about the security in Mugereko.
524Seeing what is happening in Mugereko reminds the people of Bumanzi and Muhumuro how difficult the conflict between the two villages was for everyone. Shema and Josiane are both called to the police station to try and discover whether or not the child is Shema's.
523Shema goes to visit Josiane to ask her to stop spreading rumours about him. Batamuriza receives some news that makes her doubt Shema slept with Josiane. The peacemakers in Mugereko help to rebuild a house that was ruined in the conflict.
522Fidusia visits Mudaraza in prison, but he is not pleased to see him. They argue about Fidusia incriminating him. Josiane calls Shema to ask him why he won't see his own child. The youth peacemakers are pleased with their new leader and the way justice is being implemented in Mugereko.
521Shema and his mother visit Mbarubukeye in prison to thank him for apologising for his past crimes and reconciling with his former enemies. Josiane gives birth; her child has six fingers.

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